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Graf Zeppelin at "Luftschiffhafen" in Potsdam
Graf Zeppelin at "Luftschiffhafen" in Potsdam

Potsdam played an important role in the early years of aviation. Not far from the city centre, there is a location on which German history was written. In 1910, the airship inventor, Count Zeppelin, received an area of 25 hectares, adjacent to Lake Templiner, from the town of

Potsdam in order to establish an airship port. On 9th September 1911 the 'Schwaben' landed here - the first airship to arrive from Konstanz on the Bodensee.


In 1912 the biggest airship hangar in Germany was situated here. Airships like the 'Graf Zeppelin', 'Viktoria Luise' and 'Nordstern' were housed here. From 1914 onwards war airships were built and in 1917 the production of these 'giants of the skies' was stopped. After 1920 only the 'Shedhalle' remained.

'Am Luftschiffhafen' – even today this address is still unique: here, on this historical location where Count Zeppelin once built his airships, we say: „Welcome aboard our airships“. Picturesquely situated, with their own waterfront dock, the three futuristic hotel buildings 'Viktoria Luise', 'Graf Zeppelin' and 'Nordstern' seem to float freely on the spacious area. At this historical location the financial institute - 'Ostdeutscher Sparkassenverband' integrated the listed buildings of the former production plant of the 'Zeppelinwerft' into an impressive modern hotel of the highest standards.

The historical 'Shedhalle' - converted into a conference centre – has now become a connecting element between tradition and modern age. Besides, elements from the airship construction were cleverly incorporated into the modern hotel, so that in some places almost feels as though one inside a Zeppelin.