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Whether feedback or criticism, our guests are given the opportunity of reflecting on and rating their stay by means of hotel ratings. The hotel team looks forward to all forms of feedback, because only in this way can we remedy points of criticism and express praise. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a single guest or a business traveller, please don’t hesitate to give a rating.


of guests valuate the Hotel positiveAmount of valuations: 3797

That is, what our guests say:

Valuations Total : very good


Price rating:4/5

Room rating:4,2/5

Location rating:4,3/5

Cleanliness rating:4,5/5

Service rating:4,3/5

Breakfast rating:4,4/5


Reviewdate 16-06-11,

Business Guest, 80 - 89 Years

lack of air conditioning a problem


Reviewdate 16-06-11,

Business Guest, 30 - 39 Years


Reviewdate 16-06-07,

Business Guest, 40 - 49 Years

very average.... There is no personal touch from the staff in any area....


Reviewdate 16-06-04,

Private Guest, 10 - 19 Years


Reviewdate 16-05-04,

Private Guest, 60 - 69 Years

As a very seasoned hotel user in many countries all over the world, I found this hotel to be cold, lacking in character and atmosphere. It is bland in the extreme, layout is strange, breakfast was a g...


Reviewdate 16-04-01,

Private Guest, 50 - 59 Years

Very good hotel, kind staff, excellent restaurant and bar.


Reviewdate 16-03-30,

Private Guest, 40 - 49 Years

Iwant to come back, We had a very good time , we enjoy and we were very confortable


Reviewdate 16-03-29,

Private Guest, 40 - 49 Years


Reviewdate 16-03-28,

Business Guest, 30 - 39 Years


Reviewdate 16-03-13,

Business Guest, 30 - 39 Years

nice stay!

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