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“Pure massages” wellness offers

Having time for yourself, enjoyment, letting yourself be spoiled - “pure massages” offer all of this. Our attractive range of wellness offers provides you with pure relaxation with a view of Lake 'Templiner’ in Potsdam. Whether it’s hot stones with the fragrance of white sage or a Californian salt-oil massage - allow yourself to be spoiled by us.

Wellness- und Massage-Angebote im Kongresshotel Potsdam am Templiner See

“Pure massages” – soothing

“A brief time out”

“A brief time out” with a head, back, neck massage

Relaxation of the back and neck muscles is achieved through special loosening of individual muscular areas. Fluid strokes along the back are alternated with deep elements from Shiatsu massage, and have a deeply soothing and relaxing effect.

Dauer:30 minutes45 minutes60 minutes
Preise:€ 34.00 € 46.00 € 59.00

Deep-tissue massage:

Dauer:30 minutes45 minutes60 minutes
Preise:€ 39.00 € 54.00 € 69.00
“The classic”

“The classic” – full-body massage

This massage, with its fluid movements, is a short vacation for body and soul. Lavish strokes, stretches and body alignment form fluid transitions. The massage loosens tension and hardening in the muscles and stimulates circulation in the cells.

Duration:60 Minutes90 Minutes120 Minutes
Price:€ 59.00 € 81.00 € 103.00
“Beautiful feet”

“Especially beautiful feet”

Starting with a footbath of pulverised crystals and sumptuous salts, your feet will be thoroughly washed and relaxed during this loving foot ceremony. Your feet will then be indulged with a foot massage up to the tips of your toes, which will allow your entire body to become pleasantly relaxed and your mind and soul to take a journey.

Duration:60 minutes
Price:€ 59.00

“Pure massages” – reflective

“The Tingling”

“Tingling, like champagne on the skin” – the Californian salt-oil massage

The composition of alkaline salts and pulverized crystals will spoil and surround you from head to toe. Your body will be peeled, deacidified and purified in a very pleasant manner. The tingly massage experience will leave your skin velvety soft, smooth and glowing.

Duration:90 minutes120 minutes
Prices:€ 93.00 € 115.00
“Indian flair”

“Indian flair” – hot stones

The fragrance of white sage – the massage is done with warm oil and comfortably heated basalt stones. The cosy warmth of the stones relieves tension. Complemented by special massage motions, it has a stress-reducing and vitalising effect. A massage to be discovered and enjoyed.

Duration:60 minutes90 minutes
Prices:€ 73.00 € 93.00
“Touched to your soul"

“Touched to your soul" – Mukhabyanga Indian facial massage Ayurveda

This unique facial and upper body massage serves to harmonise the body’s energies and the skin’s circulation. Your smooth, velvety soft complexion and the relaxed expression in your sparkling eyes reflect general well-being and inner serenity.

Duration:45 minutes
Prices:€ 49.00

“Pure massages”

“Pure massages”

Dear Guests,

You can arrange a massage appointment from Monday to Sunday between 7:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. Appointments and further information about our diverse range of massage and wellness offers can be obtained directly from reception.

Contact and appointments:

    • Hotel reception: 0331/907-71000
    • “Pure massages” Mrs Kerstin Spiekermann: 0177 58 160 23



    • Building D, 1st Floor, Room 170

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