Modell vom historischen Luftschiffhafen in Potsdam
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Experience the Zeppelin history for yourself at the airship port in Potsdam

The Kongresshotel Potsdam by the Templiner See is exceptional not just for its situation and capacities, but also in terms of its location. Potsdam was a significant location in the history of aviation. In the early 20th century, it witnessed an important chapter in German history. In 1910, the inventor of airships, Count Zeppelin, received a 25-hectare plot of land beside the Templiner See from the City of Potsdam to build an airship port there. On September 9, 1911, the first airship landed there from Lake Constance. In 1912, the facility included the largest airship hangar in Germany.

Famous airships such as the "Nordstern", "Graf Zeppelin" and "Viktoria Luise" were built, maintained and based there. During World War I, 16 military airships were built at the airship port. However, the long double-hangar was demolished following the Treaty of Versailles. Production of the flying giants came to an end in 1917 and from 1920, only the "Shedhalle" hangar survived. In 1996, it was converted into a conference centre. Today, its glass pent roof makes it ideal as a congress hall for major events.

Overview of the airship port's history

History at a glance

  • 1911: Airship port built in Potsdam (directed by the airship pioneer Count Zeppelin)
  • September 9, 1911: First airship lands in Potsdam (LZ-10 Schwaben)
  • 1912: Germany's largest airship hangar built
  • 1914-1917: Production of military airships
  • 1920: Demolition of the airship hangar following the Treaty of Versailles

...and what happened since the 1990s

  • 1990s: Kongresshotel Potsdam built
  • 1993: Venue for the German Junior Winter Throwing Championships
  • 2001: Venue for the European Masters Athletics Championships
  • 2005-2006: Stadium renovated
  • 2012: Official opening of the MBS Arena

...what happened after the end of airship production

  • 1924: The city purchases the grounds
  • 1927: Land and water sports facility opened
  • 1952: Army sports club Vorwärts Potsdam founded
    Venue for international athletics competitions
  • 1970s: Youth sports school founded (KJS)
    Including a boarding school, school building, canteen, swimming pool and athletics hall
  • 1987: Venue of the GDR Athletics Championships
  • 1990: ASK Vorwärts Potsdam renamed Olympischer Sportclub Potsdam-Luftschiffhafen

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