Massages and body applications

Relax, take a deep breath and recharge your batteries. Immerse yourself in our personal Wellbeing oasis. Leave your stress behind and enjoy an exquisite luxury programme. Revitalise with our massages and body care, which can invigorate the body and mind. Strengthen the immune system with a honey massage, refine your skin with a detox massage, or rediscover your inner balance with a sound session.

To release tension, we recommend a fascia massage or a magnesium sports massage. Find the right application for your personal needs and treat yourself to personal moments of joy for vitality and relaxation. You can also use our Wellbeing Area, with various saunas and an indoor pool.

Holistic massages

Wellbeing massage – beneficial

Individually tailored! This beneficial massage can have different focuses – and a wide range of effects. Whether firm, intense and activating, or gentle, sensitive and calming. For the entire body or just the back, arms or legs. Tailored massage techniques are used to harmonise the time, intensity and focus of the application. You individual requirements are what counts.

Selection of oils depending on the desired effect

  • Activating & revitalising – Honey & Ginger
  • Relaxing & soothing – Lavender & Rosalina
  • Balancing & refreshing – Shea & Aloe
  • Together & eventful – John’s wort
  • Twosome time & harmony – Almond & Tranquillity


Partial body massage

  25 minutes | 54,00 €

Full body massage

  50 minutes | 98,00 €

WaveMotion application – grounding

Feel buoyed. A truly unique application concept for deep relaxation. The vegetative nerve system is at peace, the lymphatic system is stimulated and your self-awareness is enhanced.
The gentle rotating and oscillating pulses produced by a special massage chair move through the body in the form of gentle waves, quickly creating a condition of deep physical and mental relaxation.
The interaction between gentle, therapeutic touch and a special spatial sensation allows the muscles to let go even on the finest level. An experience of floating satisfaction!


  25 minutes | 54,00 €

  50 minutes | 98,00 €

   The application is enjoyed while wearing comfortable sports clothing.

Head and shoulder massage – neck relaxation

A massage programme designed for you to switch off. Special manual techniques and effective oils reduce the tension in the head and shoulder area, providing gentle relaxation. Subtle aromas ensure deep physical and spiritual relaxation. Inspires new vitality and grounding for creative minds and thinkers. Be refreshed, free and invigorated.


  25 minutes | 54,00 €

Aroma candle massage – energetic

Harmony and deeply effective relaxation for your body and mind according to your individual requirements. The warm oil of the massage candle and its pleasant aroma support the results of this relaxation massage. The naturally pure aroma pampers you during the gentle massage. Muscular tensions are released and the mind is at peace. The special therapeutic wax of the aroma candle gives the skin a velvety feel!

At the end of the massage, the selected candle is presented to the guest for warming, pleasurable moments. A pampering treatment with glowing moments.


  50 minutes | 104,00 €

Honey massage – pampering

The various active agents in honey are absorbed deeply by the skin and help to remove poisons and residuals from the tissue. The honey massage strengthens the immune system, releases blockages in the connective tissue and has a positive effect on the nervous system. It also has a nourishing, relaxing effect. The warmth of the subsequent beeswax wrap permeates the body. A warming, relaxing experience to pamper the senses.


  50 minutes | 104,00 €

Deep-relaxation massage – relaxing

Innovative massage that works on three different senses and thereby achieves deep relaxation that encourages sleep and counteracts jetlag. The synergy between an exclusive mixture of essential oils and the application itself achieves a relaxation effect and peace for the body and mind. It supports recovery and affords a deep sense of peace for sleeping.


  60 minutes | 104,00 €

Couples ritual – harmonious

The loving couple massages are carried out simultaneously in a rocking, rhythmical massage flow. Warm oil envelops the entire body and loosens the muscles, making them feel both invigorated and relaxed. Filled with new energy, connected by the joint experienced. Feeling reborn.


  50 minutes | 196,00 €

Small neck massage “Fit for the ride”

Feel relaxed and fit. Individual massage grips to loosen up the neck muscles. Gives well-being.


  10 minutes | 15,00 €

Sound application – balancing

To start the application in a gentle manner or finish it with deep relaxation, it is possible to extend the application on a sound recliner. Gentle vibrations and agreeable sounds permeate the body and provide an exceptional experience. Combined with colourful, pulsating light, it creates a special atmosphere that takes you away from everyday life.

A wonderful experience that relaxes and loosens the body.


  30 minutes | 30,00 €



Following a relaxing foot bath and an invigorating peeling, the nails are cleansed and shaped according to your wishes. Cuticles and cornea are also treated. Finally, an aroma-oil massage ensures your feet are refreshed.


  50 minutes | 48,00 €

Your time at our Wellbeing Area

Our Wellbeing services are available to hotel guests. Book your Wellbeing package.

To ensure we can accommodate your preferred appointment, we recommend reserving before you arrive at the hotel. You can order services by email at or by phone at +49 331 907 0. We will provide personal and individual advice. A preliminary consultation and a short rest period after the treatment are included in all applications. Further information can be found here.

An overview of our services

Our applications were developed with five Wellbeing fields in mind. That allows us to fulfil your specific requirements and wishes. Further information

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