Picture credits

We mainly use our own photo material for the images used on the website www.kongresshotel-potsdam.de. Please also see our liability note. The following overview presents the photo credits for externally acquired images. All images may only be saved, forwarded, copied or changed with the explicit permission of the relevant copyright owner in accordance with his/her terms.

Photos of Hotel:
Hagen Immel © Kongresshotel Potsdam

Photos of Team:
Studio Prokopy © Kongresshotel Potsdam

Photos of Incentives:
© Teamgeist GmbH
© Filmpark Babelsberg

Photos of the conference area:
Hagen Immel © Kongresshotel Potsdam

Photos of christmas and winter events:
Hagen Immel © Kongresshotel Potsdam
© Teamgeist GmbH

Photos of weddings:
© Reinhardt & Sommer
© Spormann
© Privatfotos
Hagen Immel © Kongresshotel Potsdam

Photos of excursion tips:
© touristische Partner
Hagen Immel © Kongresshotel Potsdam
Jan Leo Karg © Kongresshotel Potsdam

Aerial Photos:
© Foto+Co. Peter Schubert
© Thomas Rosenthal

All other photos:
© Kongresshotel Potsdam

© Sebastian Uhrig – Design Surreal Impressions
© MGB Entertainment GbR
© Flyingpix
Jan Leo Kaak © Kongresshotel Potsdam (used music: © Bensound)