Wellbeing – philosophy and fields of activity

Our Wellbeing services were developed with five different styles and fields of activity in mind. They allow us to tailor your Wellbeing experience to your specific requirements and wishes. Individual experiences designed to be taken personally.

Wellbeing Area

Relaxation – take a deep breath

Restoration – recharge your batteries

Retune yourself – alone or together

Our Wellbeing Area at the Kongresshotel Potsdam can work wonders.

Strengthen and enhance your vivacity and vitality.

Active, outdoor and relaxation programmes offer rewarding respite experiences!


We offer special activity and regeneration programmes to professional and semi-professional athletes. Revitalise for your next performance boost and experience  a comprehensive recovery programme.

Wellbeing guest

Enjoy a short holiday away from everyday life and experience the maximum relaxation a brief period can offer, as well as fulfilling your wish to unwind with a holistic experience. Recover – relax – unwind and find inner peace. Recharge with new energy for the body and mind.

Business guests

Rebalance to counteract the daily stress and lack of exercise, whether as a short-term, effective recovery break during the day or in the evening, to recharge yourself for the next day. Targeted relaxation for you to unwind.


Go on a voyage of discovery for the whole family. Unforgettable moments of deep bonding. Experience recreation, joy and fun together. Bathe and cuddle to your heart’s content.


Time for your relationship – enjoy twosome time and pamper each other. Discover new things together and inspire your relationship.

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